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Image Analysis SoftwaresMetavis Image Analysis System
The Metavis is a complete Image Analysis System comprising of an Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, a High Resolution Digital Camera and an advanced and user friendly Image Analysis Software.

The digital camera is mounted on the inverted metallurgical microscope. The camera transfers the images to the computer. Once an image is acquired by the computer, it is processed and analyzed by our Software.


Metavis Image Analysis System

The Metavis incorporates specialized hardware and software that allows you to rapidly scan one or several areas of the sample and perform several measurements. Tedious repetitive manual measurements are totally eliminated, greatly reducing operator fatige and increasing sample throughput. Subjective analysis is reduced thereby increasing accuracy and repeatability.

The Software has several powerful routines for enhancing, filtering and segmentation of the images. The software incorpoates general purpose tools which can be used in a variety of ways to extract size, shape and stereological information from the sample.

In addition to the standard general purpose measurement tools, the system can be configured with application specific modules for the most common metallographic tasks. The software provides results and reports that conform to relevant Indian and international standards. Custom reports can also be generated complete with result tables and images by transferring date to Microsoft “Word” or “Excel”.

The captured images can be analysed using macro and batch processing facility available in the Software. This is particularly useful in determining Inclusion Rating in iron samples.

Based on the user feedback and keeping in view the latest developments in the field of image analysis and Metallography the Metavis Image Analysis System is being continuously upgraded for the benefit of its users.

Grain Size ASTM E112 Phase/Volume Fraction ASTM E562 Inclusion Rating ASTM E45/E1122
Graphite Flake Size ASTM A247 Nodularity ASTM A247 Microhardness ASTM E384
Porosity ASTM B 276 Coating Thickness ASTME 487 Degree of Banding ASTM E 1268
Dendritic Arm Spacing ASTM Decaurbarization Depth ASTM E 1077  


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