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Image Analysis SoftwaresImage Analysis Softwares
Medimage offers a wide range of Image Analysis Software i.e., MetImage Lx & Biovis Material Plus for Metallography, Metavis 2D for Dimensional mesurements, Metavis Compare for Comparative Metallography and Metavis Hard for Vickers & Micro Vickers Hardness.
MetImage Lx BioVis Material Plus

Metavis 2D

Metavis 2D aplication enables the user to capture images of samples through a microscope or scan photographs and then analyze them to obtain specific measurements that include length and diameter. Acquired images can be saved to database and can be retrieved anytime. Calibration allows the user to match the results with the real world units. Batch Run / Macro helps the user to process the multiple images at a time.

With the software, images can be manipulated in a vaiety of ways and measurements derived from them. Images can also be enhanced and processed to highlight visibly dim features or for correction of uneven illumination. Results and data can be transferred to Microsoft Excel where further calculations or analysis if needed can be performed. Report generator allows the user to create detailed reports based on a component.

Line Trace Polygen
Line Trace Polygen


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