Metavis Scientific Instrument

METAVIS = Optical + Solution

A combination of high-technology and creativity, the Metavis MA27-MET series offers superior optical performance as well as an advanced ergonomic design, futuristic digital capabilities, and innovative modules. Metavis MA27-MET: Your ultimate metallurgical Optical Solution.

Customizable Optics and Lighting Systems

Reflected Light Illuminator
The reflected light illuminator provides a variety of observation methods such as BF, BF/DF or DIC to meet all user needs.
Combined Switch for BF/DF and ND Filter
With the BF/DF converter switch on the front, it is easier to change observation modes. The interlocking ND filter protects the operator’s eyes against dramatic changes in brightness
Polarizer and Analyzer Filters
A set of polarizer and analyzer filters help you switch from the DIC/POL to other observation modes quickly and easily. These filters are designed as sliders and are accessible from either side of the microscope for maximum convenience.
Optimal DIC with High Quality Imaging
Using a DIC slider with a single prism, Nomarski DIC observation mode offers easy switching to other observation modes and facilitates observations on any range of magnifications because the position of the DIC prism remains constant.

From simple measurements to complicated analyses, our superior optical performance fulfills your needs

Superior Color Reproduction
Metavis’s advanced optical design and lens coating technologies converge to create high quality semi-apochromatic objective lenses. These lenses offer improved resolution and superior color reproduction that are faithful to the original samples.
Complete Removal of Aberration and Flare-Free
Plan semi-apochromat objective lenses offer the world’s best image quality and feature spherical aberration correction. Flare is minimized by anti-reflective processing inside the objective lenses.
Accurate Paracentric Objective Lenses
Decentration occurs when using different magnification objective lenses. This is minimized by the improved precision-processed objective lenses and nosepiece. The image is kept within the center of view even when observing with a digital camera.
Comfortable Eyepiece
In order to reduce eyestrain, MA27MET-BD eyepieces have an extra wide 25mm field number. The 20° angled head provides a comfortable viewing position. In addition, the prism is designed to minimize optical loss.

High -Speed , High -Efficiency, and Intelligent Functionality from our Latest Digital Technology

Convenient, Multi-Function Illumination Knob
Enhanced work efficiency and convenience are achieved through the development of a versatile selection knob combining all functionality needed for reflected/ transmitted illumination as well as brightness control.
Illumination Selection Indicator
Reflected/Transmitted Illumination, Max/Min Brightness, ECO ON/OFF, and Z-Axis positioning can be easily checked at a glance. Incorrect selections occurring during regular operation are thus minimized—further improving work efficiency and effectiveness.
Environment Friendly ECO Function
An automatic power saving mode is engaged whenever an operator leaves temporarily. This power saving mode is enabled to protect your samples from the heat of the illuminator. This mode also results in energy savings which extend the lifetime of the lamp and reduce overall operational costs. The time delay for power saving mode is adjustable with Metavis Analysis software.
Constant, Consistent IL Brightness
Working efficiency is further increased by providing an optimized constant brightness in lighting to images. This consistent brightness level is maintained even if the observation magnification is changed during operation.

Full Automation, Increased Speed, and Less Effort.

Automatic, precisely controlled nosepieces, X/Y stage, and Z-axis operation reduces operator exertion and makes work quicker and less demanding. Operation can become even more efficient through utilization of accessories

Motorized Revolving Nosepiece

The motorized nosepiece increases the speed of your workflow marking the MA27MET - BD more convenient to work with..

Motorized Stage with Image Stitching Capabilities (Panoramic image formation).

Acquires a set of images in a consecutive order and automatically stitches them in real time.

Specifications of Microscope

Optical System Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®)
Illumination Reflected Reflected Reflected / Transmitted Reflected Reflected Reflected / Transmitted
Observation Tube
Binocular (Optional) Erect type (F.N 25), 20° inclined
Trinocular Erect type (F.N 25), 20° inclined, Trino Light path selection: 2-step (100:0 / 0:100)
Eyepieces 10X (F.N 25), Diopter adjustable, Reticle optional
Revolving Nosepiece
Brightfield 5-position Nosepiece for Brightfield objective lens with DIC slot  
Brightfield/ Darkfield / 5-position Nosepiece for Brightfield, Darkfield objective lens with DIC slot
Plan S-APO 5X/0.15 W.D 20mm, 10X/0.3 W.D 12mm, 20X/0.45 W.D 3mm, 50X/0.8 W.D 1mm, 100X/0.9 W.D 0.5mm (Optional) /
Plan S-APO BD / 5X/0.15 W.D 20mm , 10X/0.3 W.D 12mm, 20X/0.45 W.D 3mm, 50X/0.8 W.D 1mm, 100X/0.9 W.D 0.5mm (Optional)
Base unit - Focus
Stroke range: 29.5 mm / Coarse and Fine focusing knob.
Coarse: 17.7 mm/revolution / Fine: 0.1 mm/revolution (1 μm scale)
Upper limit stopper, Torque adjustment ring
Base unit - Electronics Integrated power supply for light adjustment / LED voltage indicator / IL switch and ECO switch;
Focus drive Built -in Auto - Focus (Z - Axis), 10 nm (Step Resolution)
Mechanism - High-resolution 5-phase stepping motor, Long crossroller guide system - - High-resolution 5-phase stepping motor, Long crossroller guide system -
Stroke Distance - 30 mm - - 30 mm -
Resolution - 0.01μm - - 0.01μm -
Repeatability - 0.5μm - - 0.5μm -
Max Speed - 1.4 mm/sec - - 1.4 mm/sec -
Dimensions - 240(W) X 157(D) X 202.5 (H) mm - - 240(W) X 157(D) X 202.5 (H) mm -
Weight - 5 kg - - 5 kg -
Load capacity - 15 kg - - 15 kg -
BF/DF / Kohler illumination system / Brightfield / Darkfield, Normaski DIC, simple Polarized
Light source 12V 100W halogen / 15 W LED
Stage Motorized

Specifications of Camera

Resolution (H x V Pixels) 3088 x 2064
Resolution 6.4 MP
Sensor Type Sony IMX178LQJ-C Progressive scan CMOS Rolling shutter
Sensor Format 1/1.8"
Effective Sensor Diagonal 8.92 mm
Pixel Size (H x V) 2.4 x 2.4 µm
Frame Rate (at Default Settings) 59.6 fps 56.4 fps (default settings)
Mono / Color Color
Image Data Interface USB 3.0, nominal max. 5 Gbit/s (SuperSpeed)
Synchronization Via hardware trigger Via software trigger Via free run
Exposure Time Control Via hardware trigger Programmable via the camera API
Lens Mount C-mount
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