Ultra HD Camera

The HD affordable multi-tasking microscopy camera. The Metacam 4000 is dedicated to documentation of microscopic results with a clear focus on maximum colour fidelity and fast live image.

It does not require a computer for standard operation, as it comes with an on-board software that will allow you to use it through its HDMI port, and with a mouse connected to the USB port of the camera.

Technical Specifications

Sensor IMX334
Sensor Size 1/1.8″(8.86mm)
Imaging Area 7.68 x 4.32mm
Capture Resolution 8MP
Pixel Size 2.0 x 2.0μm
Scan mode Progressive
Shutter mode Rolling Shutter
G Sensitivity Dark Signal 505 mv with 1/30s 0.1 mv with 1/30s
Max. frames per second (fps*) USB: 30fps@3840*2160 | 30fps@1920*1080 HDMI: 20fps@3840*2160
Image Capture JPEG/TIFF Format with 4K(3840*2160) Resolution in SD Card
Video Record 4K(30fps@3840*2160) H264/H265 encoded MP4 file in SD Card
Exposure time 0.04~1000ms
Operating temperature From -10 to +50 Degrees Celsius non condensing
Operating humidity 30~80%RH
Lens mount C-Mount
Software Images Plus 3.1 for Windows/Mac OS
PC Requirements CPU:Intel Croe2 2.8GHz or Higher Memory:8GB or More Display:19” or Larger Operating System:Windows 10/Mac OS X/Linux

On-board Software

The Metacam 4000 has its own built-in soft-ware, making it possible to view live images, make image adjustments or edit them. You can also capture images or record videos directly from a screen with the help of a mouse, storing them in an SD card.

Images Plus 3.1

By connecting your Metacam to your computer you will be able to work with our well-known software, that comes included in the package. View, capture, edit, measure, make reports… all its standard features and the new ones packed in a new user-friendly interface.

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