Upright Metallurgical Microscope

Model MVMS I 310L is suitable for Metallography. It can be used in industrail as well as scientific research & Teaching applications. Inverted design of IM 310L enables it to be used for samples polished from only one side thus eliminating the necessity of preparing moulds.

MVMS I310L is equipped with infinity plan Achromatic objectives and extra widefield eye piece. The microscope is equipped with large stage with coaxial control with coarse and fine movement for precise focusing. It provides clear and high contrast images.

Due to trinocular head design along with C-Mount Adapter the microscope can be upgraded with digital camera to function as a standalone digital microscope or a complete image analyzer.

Additional Optional Accessories

Objective M Long Working Distance plan Achromatic 100X(WD 2.0mm)
Polarizing Outfit Analyzer rotatable at 360 degrees. polarizing and Analyzer can be slide in/out of the Optical path.
Eye pieces with Reticule WF10X/18mm(Reticule) 0.1mm/Div
Camera The microscope can be offered with high resolution microscope imaging camera
Metallography software Advanced image Analysis software for metallography can be offered along with the microscope.
Type Inverted
Optical System Infinity Optical System
Objectives (infinity correscted) M Long Working Distance plan Achromatic 5X(WD 15.5mm), M Long Working Distance plan Achromatic 10X(WD 8.7mm), M Long Working Distance plan Achromatic 20X(WD 8.8mm), M Long Working Distance plan Achromatic 50X(WD 5.1mm)
Eye Piece WF 10X/20mm(paired)F.O.V 18mm
Viewing Head Siedentop observation head inclined 45degrees Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube. Interpupillary distance from 48mm-75mm
Illumination The Epi illuminator has 3W LED Lamp adjustable brightness
Mechanical body Co-axial focusing system with large knobs, pre focusing lever and tension adjustmentring.Quadrupal nosepiece on ball bearing.
Filters Blue, Green and Yellow Filters
Stage Mechanical stage is 180mmX155mm The mechanical stage has low postioned coaxial controls on ball bearing guideways
Trinocular Port Available for mounting cameras
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